A program that allows you to CREATE,
GROW and GAIN exclusive benefits!

Creator Camp is home to content creators approved by Undawn to connect with developers, receive early information on game updates, learn from industry professionals, participate in exclusive events and collaborate with other creators to make fun and exciting content together!

As a Creator Camp member you will also have access to special Missions that will earn you potential rewards such as; Undawn merch, in-game exclusive items, recognition on official Undawn social media and content platforms, in-game currency and much more!

We are looking for creators with unique and engaging content of all genres and sizes.

・First look at new content!

・Access to the private Undawn Creator Camp server

・Custom care package upon completing trial period

・Access to potential in-game exclusive rewards

・Potential recognition on Undawn social media and official channels

・Access to developers through Undawn Developer Town Hall meetings

・Note: Joining Undawn Creator Camp does not guarantee any potential perks. We will provide our creators with the best rewards and support possible and this will be decided by Level lnfinite on an ongoing basis and may change over time to best support Undawn and Creator Camp members.

・Inclusive and collaborative content creators

・Creators excited to play and make Undawn content

・Consistent, engaging and unique Undawn content

・Creators with at least 500 fans or followers on platforms like; YouTube, Twitch, TikTok..etc.

・Content that is aligned with our Code of Conduct

If this sounds like you... Apply now!

Q: How do I join the Undawn Creator Program?

A. Apply to join the Undawn Creator Program in just two simple steps! First, tap on "Apply Now". Next, fill in your information in the application form and submit it for review. Once you pass the review, you can join the Undawn Creator Program and enjoy the perks that come with it.

Q: When will I receive the outcome of my application?

A. Our team will carefully review every application, and we'll notify you about the outcome via email and/or Discord as soon as possible

Q: What are the benefits of joining the Undawn Creator Program?

A. Once you're officially an Undawn Creator Camp Member, you can view the details of recent and ongoing events from the Undawn Creator Camp private discord Bounty Board and/or Events channel. Join and complete event missions to fulfill the conditions to claim rewards. We will distribute rewards individually to each content creator.